Portrait Honeycomb Shades

Versatile, Energy Efficient, Unmistakably Norman®

With rich materials, and an even richer history, our Portrait Honeycomb Shades feature award-winning designs, exclusive options, and industry leading construction – for no matter what the elements have in store.

  • Over 300 honeycomb fabrics
  • All design needs with multiple cell sizes
  • Energy efficient advanced honeycomb
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Made for every window – including skylights, french doors, sidelights and patio doors


Select the amount of light that goes through – in four opacities: translucent sheer, light filtering, semi-opaque, and room darkening. Pick two fabrics for a day & night shade.


Adjusts from the top and bottom – without cards in the middle. Sits closer to the window edge for less light leakage and a cleaner profile. Award-winning design for modern and streamlined style. Also great for french doors and skylights.

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Like two shades in one, this unique solution allows you to select a sheer fabric and a room darkening fabric for the ultimate in looks and flexibility in light control.


A custom frame. And an integrated cordless TDBU honeycomb shade. Decoflex™ blocks light from the sides and from behind. Great for french doors; Decoflex™ mounts directly onto the door, as if the shade was built into the door.


Honeycomb automation made simple and affordable. Also comes in a day & night shade or top-down shade.

Check out the video!